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Frequently Asked Questions

Not showing in the language/locale I want

The application uses your devices locale. So if your device is set to use English then it won't display the Spanish version. You will need to change your devices locale to change the language in the application.

How to create a backup

Open the left navigation and select "Backups". Create one by clicking the crate button.

How to create scheduled/automated backups

Open the left navigation and select "Backups". Touch the "schedule" tab. Setup your daily and/or weekly time and day for backups. Make sure to hit "Save" for each schedule. Your phone will create the automated backups at your designated times.

Restore from a backup

First you must have opened the application at least one (this will automatically create the file structure needed by the application to see your backups to restore from).

Save your backup file (this could have been from an email or from a cloud storage) in this location on your phone:


After you have placed your file here open the application and open the left navigation and select "backups". You should see a list of available backups. Touch the backup you want to restore from. This will be the file you saved above. The menu will pop up and ask if you want to restore this database. Touch the restore option.

You're done!

Send a backup to another device

Open the left navigation and select "Backups". Select the backup you want to send. It will give you options to share the backup. Select the way you want to send the backup (this will be specific to your device what options are available - I have no control over this).

After selecting your option you're done!