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Change Log

  • Fix for rebuild committee time in the summary.
  • Delete confirmations.
  • Transitions to material design.
  • Moved publisher picker
  • Fix for crashing on first startup.
  • Yearly reports added back.
  • Can recalculate rollover time from settings.Navigation and layouts updated.
  • Minor update version.
  • Navigation and layouts updated.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Schedule backups fixed to work after device restart.
  • Minor update version.
  • Updated rollover time calculations.
  • Added another preference to show the minutes in the summary totals.
  • Minor update version.
  • Updated Italian translation (Thank you Luca).
  • French translation.
  • Fixed backgrounds of popups being black with black text on older devices.
  • Sorting of publication types and entry types.
  • Fixed sharing feature and sends all publishers instead of the selected publisher.
  • Minor update version.
  • New! Save notes on householders and not count as a return visit (first visit or not at home).
  • Minor update version.
  • Corrected bug in share feature grabbing everything even if there wasn't data to display.
  • Opt out of having rollover time calculated (check in preferences).
  • Minor update version.
  • Total time is readable instead of using decimals.
  • Spanish translation. (Thank you Pau)
  • Minor update version.
  • Portuguese translation. (Thank you Felipe)
  • Fixed crash on saving time entries when no publication was selected per householder or notes.
  • Added tracts to publication types.
  • Minor update version.
  • Ability to reassign publication types and entry types to remove duplicated selection items.
  • Fixed problem of not showing saving options on some devices.
  • Fixed return visit count being incorrect.
  • Added address and phone back to householder view.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Changed date and time pickers to use default pickers on device.
  • Added open source licenses for used libraries.
  • Bug fixes.
  • New! Ability to add notes to time entries pre each householder added.
  • New! Ability to update the publications titles and to add/update time entry types from within the Preferences.
  • New! Last activity displayed on householder, publisher, and publication lists.
  • New! Time entries can extend beyond one day and can use any increment of time spans (previously 15 minute increments).
  • New! Summary page will use the text you edited to display the publication counts.
  • New! Redesigned layout.
  • Database backup folder location has changed.
  • Bug fixes.